Bad Pitch Outrage

Author: Richard Media October 28, 2008

We sometimes find ourselves posting about topics that seem more like common freakin’ sense than the finer points of media relations.A standout has been when we’ve talked about and even poked fun at pitches trying to tie their story to current event…

Glinda the Good Pitch is Back! (Thanks to Carol Blymire)

Author: Richard Media October 22, 2008

We’re all about pitches, good and bad. To prove it, we created Glinda the Good Pitch back in the day. But our badge of dishonor Slick has always gotten more air time.It’s a simple case of supply and demand folks. So we were ecstatic when we started…


Author: Richard Media

We’re sorting through tons of mail and we have some decent posts brewing.But today was noteworthy as one pitch in particular made the rounds. It was not the only bad pitch out there. But as I reviewed it I was inspired to single it out and pay homage t…

Being an Ink Junkie

Author: admin Advice for clients October 15, 2008

An open letter to clients Re: online media: As a PR professional, there is no greater satisfaction than having a client pick up a newspaper or magazine and flip to the page with their interview. Unfortunately, the great unwashed, who aren’t typically profiled in their local “Business” section, aren’t flipping those pages very much lately […]

Why Do PR People Bother With Insolent Clients? I Mean, Really

Author: Richard trendSpotting October 5, 2008

I know what you’re thinking: Here he goes, another high-powered PR exec complaining about crappy customers. Guess what? That’s what this is. I’ve heard it said innumerable times how our jobs would be magnificent—were it not for the clients. Du…

Facebook ≠ Email Marketing

Author: Richard Media October 3, 2008

Anyone else getting a ton of junk email/invites/notifications on Facebook?Maybe it’s just a sign of age, or soc net fatigue, but I created a short video that offers a guideline** for sending email/invites/notifications on Facebook.The video is n…