A look at your personality: Try being one person

Author: Richard Media September 11, 2009
In her book, “span style=”font-style:italic;”am*BITCH*ous/span,” Debra Condren says career-oriented women have to fight to get any work-life balance. Women, she claims, are constantly fighting to maintain separate personal and professional lives. Women feel there has to be a sweet spot! Give up on some personal goals and some professional ones, but damn it, have it all.br /br /img src=”http://www.msmoney.com/blog/uploaded_images/debra-712114.jpg”br /br /Dr. Condren believes that women cannot, however, enjoy a real balance! To her, achieving apparent balance means that you are doing span style=”font-style:italic;”everything /spanpartially and span style=”font-style:italic;”nothing /spanwell. She is wrong — this is true not just for women but for every one of us who gets up at 6 or so, slops on some soap, and drones off to get a job done!br /br /Work personality and life personality balance is real and is what the coming decade will be about. After 10 years of struggling, we can finally have our cake and eat it too. Read on.br /br /img src=”http://ruralaspirations.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/work-life-balance.jpg”br /br /Picture this: The guy kisses his wife, pats his teenaged daughter on the head, chucks little Timmy under the chin and ruffles his hair, and heads off to work, where he fills his role being Mr. Tough Boss. He yells; he screams; he is a hard-ass who pretty much spends his day wishing he could get home a little earlier so he would not have to continue being At Work Guy. He knows his employees hate him, but that is just the freaking way it has to be, and he wishes they knew he is more than Mr. Tough Boss.br /br /He is desperately seeking to balance his work and his life personality, and he does not know how to do it because he is span style=”font-style:italic;”that /spanguy. His career, he figures, depends upon him being MTB.br /br /But there is no such thing as work personality and life personality balance. If you are maintaining any semblance of balance it is because you are still dividing yourself between two goals — it is too difficult to maintain a personality that is not your own. You will continue being unhappy and frustrated.br /br /img src=”http://knoxroad.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/frustrated1.jpg” width=300br /br /What Carl or Cindy C. needs to comprehend is that by removing the pressures of trying to achieve balance, we have a much clearer idea of what jobs are really right for us, and in which careers we should kill to excel. No matter what, it will be about moving up, because that is the meaning of aspiration.br /br /In the new era, natural dispositions and personalities will point us to careers where we are fulfilled inside and outside of work — and act as the same person!br /br /We need to maintain the same personality throughout our day. Instead of trying to balance our lives, why not find the right position or career in which we can truly be who we are and work to maximize vividly appealing, obvious strengths instead of constantly trying to minimize our faults?br /br /In the coming period, one that will be better, I promise, we will need to move away from classic positions and traditional leadership roles. We will veer from the steady path toward positions that are more in tune with our self images. As baby boomers leave the workforce and Generation Zero gets off the elevator with an “I will try it for a few months, and if I do not like it, I will take my toys and go home,” attitude, you will see more and more workers — some skilled, some not–searching for the right position at the right company.br /br /That position and company will play to individual strengths and allow people to work best within their personality type (if they do not find the right position, do not expect them to stick around for long).br /br /img src=”http://www.ineedmotivation.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/m151be-yourself-unknown-posters.jpg” width=300br /br /This is indeed good – nay, great – news. It means that with some effort you can better manage your workforce, get higher levels of productivity from them (and you), feel like yourself while you whistle and work, and not pretend to be someone else. Gone will be harried days when Carl Corporate comes home exhausted and disgusted and in desperate need of an after work martini to help him shake off the day’s horrors. In his place will be a healthier, happier man who can be himself both in and outside of the office.br /br /Boy I’d like to know him. And you, I think, want to be him.br /br /twitter @a href=”http://twitter.com/laermer”laermer/adiv class=”blogger-post-footer”img width=’1′ height=’1′ src=’https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/tracker/20817795-6397719425996832675?l=badpitch.blogspot.com’//div