"The American Bible Society has benefited greatly from our partnership with RLM. Our message, which has a long history, has been conveyed in a way that is current and interesting to journalists. The end result is increased visibility for the mission of the Bible Society. This is made possible because the pros at RLM know what they are doing, are energetic and engaged with us, are pleasant to work with and they understand us. Thank you RLM!AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY— Roy Lloyd, Senior Manager, Media Relations
"We’ve been really pleased with RLM’s work. They’re creative, aggressive, and non-jaded. We know they’re not just going to use the same routines. For the first time in five years or so, we’re really comfortable with our positioning.ANSWERS.COM— Jay Bailey, Director of Communications
"We had a lot going on simultaneously…RLM pushed to get us out there, and it all combined to have an impact on our sales growth and a dramatic increase in our site traffic.BLUEFLY— Melissa Payner, CEO
"RLM makes client service their priority. They understand the media is the most important platform a company can use to deliver its messages. Their work is creative, innovative, effective and best of all, results-driven. RLM has secured top-tier placements for ClearOne, including USA Today, Chicago Tribune and BusinessWeek, keeping us in the forefront of the media. Their creative solutions and integrated strategies have benefited ClearOne and, quite simply, it works.CLEARONE COMMUNICATIONS— Zee Hakimoglu, President and CEO
"RLM was able to jump into a complex business, understand it within days and put together a strategy that landed our story in exactly—not to mention all—the right places. With their help, Comcast Spotlight was able to make a name for itself quickly and deliver the exact message we planned for over and over again.COMCAST— Dana Runnels, Marketing and PR Manager
"I have nothing but positive things to say about RLM. They maintained consistent, top-notch media placement for my company. Bolt was featured in print and broadcast media months before it launched; RLM made sure our story was delivered ‘on message’ to reporters, so not only were the pieces flattering, but they were on target as well.CONCRETE MEDIA (BOLT.COM)— Dan Pelson, CEO & Founder
"RLM played an integral roll in the successful launch of SesameStreet.com. A launch presents many challenges, and RLM has consistently met those challenges with effective, high profile placements supporting our endeavors. RLM’s staff was precise in relaying the philosophy behind our work to the press. Most impressive is RLM’s diligence in maintaining the trusted CTW brand in its translation to a new medium.SESAME WORKSHOP (SESAME STREET)— Tina Sharkey, Group President/General Manager
"We used to use a big, fancy PR firm that gave us great monthly reports, but they got no results—two placements in one year, and a higher fee than RLM. RLM is totally different. I learned not to try and manage RLM. It’s not worth it. They’ll just do their thing, and get better results than anyone else, so just let them go. If you want really nice reports, go to a big name firm, but don’t expect nearly as good an outcome.FITLINXX INTERACTIVE FITNESS— Keith Camhi, Co-Founder and Chairman
"RLM gets it. They understand that success isn’t measured by inches of copy but by contributions to your bottom line.FLATIRON PARTNERS— Jerry Colonna, Partner
"RLM made sure Razorpoint was placed in a number of media outlets from print, to radio, to television. RLM delivered our story to journalists effectively. Over time, we were positioned as the authority on network security, making for very favorable news coverage. Our small office suddenly appeared large on the media landscape resulting in speaking engagements and wide scale recognition within the technology and general consumer realms. Was RLM worth our investment? Absolutely.RAZORPOINT SECURITY— Gary Morse, President
"RLM applied a nonstop, clear approach coupled with unambiguous thinking to develop messaging and positioning that explained our products and communicated our value. Their tactical outreach generated widespread awareness and amazing word of mouth with our constituents. Their tenacity and creativity resulted in a PR program that has contributed significantly to our growth.RUCKUS NETWORK— Josh Weiner, Director of Communications
"RLM was instrumental in the launch of SparkNotes. The team is tireless and dedicated. Most importantly they understood who we are, sometimes even before we did, and helped us move the needle dramatically.SPARKNOTES— JRobert Riger, VP & Associate Publisher
"SportBrain has worked with a number of PR companies and we have found RLM to be consistently better in terms of delivery and cost. They have been more dynamic and imaginative and have never failed to conquer each market sector they have contemplated. Their research into our marketplace to address our core market appeal has been outstanding.SPORTBRAIN— Harry Heslop, President
"Since RLM has represented TutorVista, we have seen immense and impressive results. During our U.S. launch, RLM helped to increase our site traffic more than 100% through concentrated broadcast, print, radio and online coverage. RLM has worked aggressively to promote TutorVista, making us a leader in the online tutoring and test prep industry. Their work is innovative, effectual and most importantly, result-driven, which has brought TutorVista to the forefront of the media and continues to do so.TUTORVISTA— Krishnan Ganesh, CEO
"In less than three months, RLM garnered media coverage for the Equator Initiative in more than 100 media outlets in more than 30 countries and reached more than 220 million people. The team moved quickly, understood the complex issues, trained our team to speak to the press, and knew how to turn our story into real coverage in both local and international media.UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM— Sean Southey, Manager, Equator Initiative, United Nations Development Program
"I wanted to thank you for all your efforts over the past few months. We had a very successful launch of AOL and Citi, and we could not have done it without your help and input. It has been a pleasure working with you all. You kept your calm and got the work done.UPROMISE— Susan Muriel, Vice President, Marketing