BusinessWeek Sends a Good Pitch

Author: Richard Media May 22, 2009

Proof that well-written, creative content can carry the day, a BusinessWeek reporter sent us this pitch from Alphadog PR.

Subject: Party Like a 5 Year Old!

Try to keep your fingers out of the birthday cake and stop asking us “why?”
Mark Your Calendars for May 31st, 2009

May 13, 2009, Los Angeles- It’s good to be a kid, and there’s no reason to stop eating like one. We’re celebrating the best of comfort food as LA’s best caterers and restaurants will appeal to your childhood sensibilities and gourmet palate. Think mac ‘n cheese with lobster, ravioli with pumpkin, sloppy joes made from Kobe beef.

It’ll be your standard five-year-old birthday: really good food, lots of sweets, and plenty of juice (in our case, wine). So try to keep your fingers out of the birthday cake and stop asking us why. Just buy your tickets and enjoy being a kid again.

The event will go from 4pm to 7pm and tickets can be purchased for $40 at

Sponsored by Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and CozmoDeck, the event will feature over a dozen culinary reasons why being a kid was so much fun. And just because your inhibitions might kick in, the Renaissance Hotel will offer a cash bar with mixed drinks and “adult grape juice”. Fortunately, unlike most 5 year old parties, the event will be sans excessive noise, probable nakedness, and at least one barf incident.


We’re not sure why this was sent to BusinessWeek, but a solid subject line and the following elements gave it pass-along value.

* Cute without over killing it.
* Recession theme with comfort food and multiple businesses participating.
* Parents with kids should respond — it’s a fun theme, offering them an escape, but the release does not reinforce the soccer mom, mini-van stereotype (he notes with two kids and a minivan).

Moral of the story?
Cute won’t sell jet engines. But smart writing can sell (almost) anything.

Yours in Tweet,

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