Allergan: Alocril (Rx)

Allergan came to RLM in the fall of 2001 to launch a consumer outreach campaign for Alocril, Allergan’s prescription drug for controlling ocular allergy symptoms. View >

Allergan: Refresh Tears (OTC)

Allergan’s Refresh Brand of products were already the Number One U.S. selling and Number One doctor-recommended brand of artificial tears, but a bigger market share was to be had. View >

With e-commerce in question, the market at an all-time low and bad feelings all around, wanted to create some positive news to deflect attention away from The Street and to prove that its CEO Jeff Bezos is indeed a visionary with a sense of humor. View >

American Bible Society

The American Bible Society is an international brand recognized for making the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford. RLM’s assignment was to build on the Bible Society’s solid brand recognition in the religious and non-profit sectors as it penetrated the secular market. The objective was to transform the American Bible Society into a household name and trusted media source. View >

In January 2005, GuruNet was moving away from a subscription-driven model for their acclaimed reference software to an advertising-driven Internet-based product called View >


With a new company entering the mobile space almost weekly, those with the best, most revolutionary products are challenged to differentiate themselves. AskMeNow retained RLM to drive their business objectives of capitalizing on the explosive growth of the wireless content marketplace to attract customers—quickly. View >

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble and enrolled the help of RLM Public Relations to secure branded placements associated with the much anticipated release of the fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. View >


Betmaker, one of the Internet’s oldest and most trusted online sportsbooks, came to RLM with a problem: younger and flashier sites were getting all of the media attention and attracting a whole new generation of online gamblers. View >


When Bluefly came to RLM, it was regarded as a struggling online retailer despite a loyal (if small) group of customers. Bluefly’s products were viewed as commodities, and the site was dismissed as a discount outlet. View >

Dan Pelson is a multimedia guru who created and at Icon and launched both sites to raves from Web surfers, journalists and critics. Then he rethought his Web future. He left Icon, disappeared for six months, and re-emerged with the announcement he had started his own company: Concrete Media. View >


Textbooks consume a breathtaking percentage of the cost of education, representing 20% of average university tuition and half of average community college tuition1. Chegg found a way to ease that pain, providing tremendous savings on textbook rental — rather than purchase. Chegg sought RLM’s help to break away from their competition and make Chegg a household name among college students. View >

Cognitive Arts

This is a story about an international educational software company founded out of a university research institute that was a leader in computer simulation training and quality e-learning but faced the challenge of competing in the growing for-profit industry of e-learning and online education. View >

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, after compiling years of research and data on the validity and value of extended warranties, wanted to alert the country at Christmas time that extended warranties are usually a waste of money. View >


E-readers have been around for nearly a decade, but millions of people have shied away from generations of cumbersome, over-complex and user-unfriendly devices. COOL-ER was the device poised to change this. In a market dominated by big names such as Amazon and Sony, COOL-ER communicated its value and core brand attributes quickly and efficiently to create the “iPod moment” for e-readers. View >


Cytori, a biotechnology company developing devices to harness the regenerative power of stem cells in the human body, enlisted RLM to increase the awareness of the process of using adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells as well as fat grafting as a means to treat heart disease and breast reconstruction patients. View >

Discovery Health Channel: Birth Day Live

Discovery Health Channel had a dynamic live event program featuring the live birth of babies on television. It had many of the requisites for high media interest: channel name-brand value, visual and personal drama, and the elusive “squirm factor” of keeping audience eyes glued to the screen despite the blood. View >

Discovery Health Channel: National Body Challenge

Discovery Health Channel’s “National Body Challenge” brought its own challenge to RLM: Amid the glut of weight loss/life transformation programs, how would they stand out among the media? View >


When the bubble and its RIM happy day traders went “pop,” E*TRADE, who collected millions of users and massive name recognition on the Web, needed to change the perception that people had of them from a stock-swapping God to an all-encompassing financial adult. View >

Epic Media Group

Epic came to RLM to raise their corporate profile as an advertising industry innovator and thought leader while also building recognition for their Online Intelligence Division. View >

Giant Magazine

In a market inundated with new magazines, GIANT faced significant challenges leading up to and through their launch. They asked RLM to help them illustrate to media and consumers their significant differences from the plethora of other entertainment magazines on the market. View >

Group Commerce

For a brand new company, Group Commerce’s assets were impressive: founding partners from crème de la crème online advertising and tech brands, brand-name clients, and funders with stellar reputations. With all that it had going for it, Group Commerce still needed to define and establish itself. View >

As television networks ventured into the electronic age in 1999, each one took launched an accompanying Web site. Most were typical information sites where interested viewers could turn to check listings and receive synopses of upcoming programs. HBO’s online entry, however, was unique, early and groundbreaking. didn’t just serve as an interactive TV guide to the network’s shows; it supplemented and embellished on already-popular event programming. View >


With public discussion about education increasingly focusing on the ambiguous “schools,” American teachers are often left out of the equation. HotChalk wanted to change that, and so the online resource for k-12 educators, students and parents came to RLM for help. View >


Hythiam came to RLM with a series of complex communications challenges. As a “healthcare services management company” focused on treating alcoholism and drug addiction, mainstream media—and most healthcare trade press—simply did not understand them or their product. View >

James Gaines

James R. Gaines, former corporate editor of Time Inc. and managing editor of TIME, People, and Life magazines, came to RLM seeking to expand his brand and reputation as a media industry expert. With more than 30 years of experience and expertise, Gaines sought to offer a vision on how the media industry could evolve and thrive. View >

Obagi Medical Products

Obagi Medical Products, a skincare company that has been popular with dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world for over fifteen years, had yet to receive much attention in the press. Obagi enrolled the help of RLM to secure placements in national consumer and medical trade publications to differentiate the company and its products from its competitors. View >


Obopay is setting trends in mobile payment technology. The company has stepped into a heavily evolving niche market within two industries that are extremely tough to navigate: banking and wireless. To say the least, it has created an uproar. Obopay sought RLM’s assistance to break into the business and technology media and transform its brand into a household name and trusted media source. View >


When the Pando team approached RLM Public Relations, they already had a viral following and had witnessed more than 400,000 installs. With a pending Business 2.0 slash GigaOm blog posting by renowned technology enthusiast Om Malik around the corner, it was time for Pando to begin creating a following among print and broadcast media. View >


140-year-old Nature Publishing Group started Nature Education and Scitable to reposition a heavily scientific and prestigious brand with education audiences. Scitable is a premiere scientific resource, comprising peer-reviewed and journal-quality articles on a social networking platform, designed for students, faculty and science enthusiasts. View >


Headquartered in New York, SilverCarrot delivers performance-based marketing services to Fortune 1000 companies across a myriad of industries ranging from consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals to mobile communications. View >

Smith + Nephew: Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Smith & Nephew, a global medical devices manufacturer headquartered in the U.K. with U.S. facilities in Memphis employing more than 1,800, enlisted RLM to secure national brand awareness for its knee and hip replacement product lines. View >

The Singing Revolution

Jim and Maureen Tusty sought out RLM to promote their documentary film, The Singing Revolution, the story of how David defeated Goliath without a slingshot. The Singing Revolution chronicles Estonia’s nonviolent struggle to reclaim its independence through song. RLM’s goal was to create buzz around the film and raise awareness of the story of fascinating historical events. View >

The Young Turks

The Young Turks, the largest online news show in the world, came to RLM in advance of their milestone announcement of 500 million YouTube views. But before the announcement, Cenk Uygur, TYT’s host, was dropped into a media maelstrom when he left MSNBC. View >


Who is ThisNext and what is “social shopping?” Although ThisNext was the dominant presence in the realm of social shopping, a “man on the street” interview asking these questions would have garnered only blank stares. While some would see this as an obstacle, RLM realized that ThisNext presented us with a golden opportunity to not only establish ThisNext’s thought leadership, but also to define the very space itself. View >

Time Life: Hee Haw

Time-Life Inc, one of the world’s largest direct marketers of audio and video products, tasked RLM with garnering media attention around the release of the famous television show, HEE HAW, to DVD in stores and through a direct response campaign available to consumers online and by phone. View >


TutorVista, an online tutoring service based in India, came to RLM because they needed to generate visibility in the U.S. Facing a crowded, well-established landscape of tutoring and test prep companies, TutorVista needed to quickly grab a broad exposure to increase their user base and establish a sought-after and trusted brand. View >


Vringo is an honest-to-goodness revolutionary way to communicate with family and friends using video ring tones on a mobile phone. Vringo desired mainstream and trade press coverage during 3GSM, AlwaysOn and Demo. View >


WeatherTrends360 came to RLM in advance of the launch of their new weather app. Entering a crowded market, it was crucial to raise brand awareness quickly to drive downloads and also differentiate the Weathertrends360 app from recognized free and paid market leaders. View >


Zingy, a leader in the burgeoning field of mobile media, came to RLM as they were preparing to acquire Vindigo, best-known for their CityGuide, a cell phone and PDA application for navigating cities. Zingy wanted to shed their image as “the ringtone company” and demonstrate that they offered more than just personalization products. View >