RLM’s most senior PR practitioners are veteran crisis communicators who have worked on behalf of clients in crisis situations ranging from airline crashes to tech-related financial conundrums to racially-charged police shootings. RLM’s crisis team is available at any time and without delay. RLM’s crisis communications services include:
  • Planning: Develop a “shell” crisis communications plan adapted to any specific situations that arise – including tactical communication steps
  • Messaging: Immediately develop 2-3 clear messages that communicate position on a specific issue
  • Media Training: Specific print and broadcast training for spokespeople
  • Briefings: Press briefings via conference call and/or Webinar.
  • Media Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of news outlets and “blogs” (plus other necessary new media) to track and address issues
  • Media Audits and Surveys: Qualitative reports on media response to a story and public surveys to gauge initial reaction, releasing this information to media when appropriate.
It is difficult to regard yourself through an objective lens, and many organizations devote copious resources to situations that are perceived internally as crises. Occurrences that would otherwise have had a minimal impact on a company’s business frequently have a more substantial bearing because a company reaction was overblown. And on the other side, stories of companies reacting too little or too late are ubiquitous. RLM examines your crisis risks in the context of how and when media report on your company and which media impact your constituents (customers, investors, employees) most directly. We also look at every type of potential crisis, from product problem to CEO scandal. Based on this analysis, we provide a detailed scale that you use to determine the scope of appropriate communication in any given situation.