In today’s environment, media outreach—while crucial—will not always achieve all your business goals. Often, it is necessary to reach the influencers—business people, celebrities, media and bloggers—to get your messages to all your audiences. Because these influencers often exist in realms outside your industry (for example, tech columnists can influence coverage of food and beverage products or family reporters influence coverage of automotive companies), it can be challenging to reach the influencers who can make a measurable impact on your business.

RLM’S Influencing Influencers service comprises six steps, each of which are customized to your exact needs:

  1. Review the media and blogosphere archive.
  2. Create (or modify) messaging and positioning appropriate for the influencer campaign.
  3. Identify emerging issues you can influence and “own.” In this way we place our clients ahead of emerging trends.
  4. Recruit advisory board of journalists and bloggers; these 3rd parties enhance authority and credibility by corroborating your messages within their spheres of influence.
  5. Generate proprietary content (i.e., blog or discussion board postings, Letters to the Editor, electronic or hard-copy newsletter columns) to spark and control debate and correctly contextualize our client.
  6. Create an un-branded repository of information for use by media, third-parties and consumer and business audiences.