RLM knows that all effective communication programs are grounded in real and usable research. Our research methodology is designed to build on existing knowledge and expand the information available to support all subsequent activities.

Competitive Analysis

RLM analyzes your place in the market in context with three to four primary competitors. We conduct a multi-city ethnographic trend study that involves speaking with existing and potential customers, investors, media and your sales force (as applicable), and provide a diagnostic report based on their comments.

Influencer Audit

RLM maintains a database of more than 500 thought leaders who impact business and culture on every level. RLM matches you with the influencers that correspond to your audience demographics and goals. We collect their thoughts, and work with them via one-on-one and small group interviews to identify what aspects of existing and future trends are malleable.

Media Interviews

RLM interviews journalists to understand what’s interesting them at the moment to give you actionable insight into placing your company or brand in the media coverage that matters. RLM’s analysis is based on media type, beat, reach and geography.


RLM designs and implements Omnibus surveys to garner broadly-applicable answers to specific questions. These responses are used to impact developing trends and provide you with story angles that are applicable.