RLM offers print, broadcast (TV and radio) and online media training. Effective training starts with media-savvy messaging that you can deliver successfully. Then, we examine your story and prepare you for any and all potential eventualities during interviews, including on-camera. Our media training is focused on giving you the media-savvy skills to communicate messages clearly—not “yes-ing” you to death. RLM examines stories through media’s eyes and works with clients individually or in groups to ensure that all spokespeople are comfortable with both proactive and reactive messaging and able to deliver information clearly to all applicable audiences.

RLM’s media training is conducted by PR pros with over 60 years combined experience. Our methodology comprises five elements:

1. Message Development: Clear and concise message grid with key messages, (quantitative) metrics and (qualitative) illustrations 2. Talking Points: Translation of messaging into deliverable talking points 3. Q&A: Craft questions and answers including soft and more difficult answers to prepare spokespeople for all potential eventualities 4. Print and Broadcast Training: Development of all necessary skills for effective interviews including bridging and flagging and all the do’s and don’ts. Ensure that spokespeople are comfortable with content and language and message delivery is bereft of jargon 5. Leave-Behinds: Easy-to-use manual that contains all material covered in training for ongoing reference All media training is conducted in person and includes up to three refresher calls per participant.

Spokespeople who have benefited from RLM’s training include:

  • Gerald Storch (Toys R Us)
  • Gordon Thompson (Cole Haan)
  • Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com)
  • Christos Cotsakos (E*TRADE)
  • Stan O’Neal (Merrill Lynch)
  • George Bell (Upromise)
  • Carol Realini (Obopay)
  • James E. Oesterreicher (JC Penney)
  • Bill Raduchel (Ruckus Network)
  • Gary E. Knell (Sesame Workshop)
  • Robert Levitan (iVillage)
  • Stephen Riggio (Barnes & Noble)
  • Fred Seibert (MTV)
  • Edward Bennett and Russ Pilar (Prodigy)
  • Seth Goldstein (Site Specific and /ROOT Markets)
  • Peter Guber (Mandalay Entertainment)
  • Peter Bart (Variety)
  • Joe Tessitore (Publishers Weekly & HarperCollins)
  • Mark Cuban (Smith & Nephew)
  • Jennifer Stoddart (Privacy Commissioner of Canada)
  • Tina Sharkey (Sesame Workshop)
  • Lewis S. Ranieri (Solamon Brothers, Computer Associates and /ROOT Markets)
  • Dr. Mehmet Oz (heart surgeon, author, TV star)
  • Dan Pelson (internet pioneer)
  • Naomi Judd (Toyota)
  • Molly Ringwald (Barnes & Noble)
  • Cassandra Peterson/Elvira (Time Life)
  • Roy Clark and Peabo Bryson (Time Life)
  • Peabo Bryson (Time Life)
  • Ellen Cleghorne (Discovery Health Channel)
  • Elmo (Worldwide Kids, Merrill Lynch and Sesame Workshop)
  • Charlie/Spokeschimp (E*TRADE)
  • Dean Koontz (Barnes & Noble)