In the late ’70s, punk was a shot heard around the radio as a beyond-refreshing change from tired old formulaic music with its demand for revolt replete with energy and vitality. Too often today, PR resembles the passive soft rock for which punk was a guitar-breaking alternative. PR needs punk. Punk PR is based on the tenets of our CEO Richard Laermer’s book “Punk Marketing.” Punk PR shows large and small corporations how to use the shift in power to the consumer to their advantage. Punk PR is about giving PR its rightful place in your marketing mix and (brace yourself) making money as a direct result of your PR program. By understanding the Consumer Power Charter in the context of all your marketing activities, Punk PR shows you what you’re doing right…and hands you a no-BS take on what’s going wrong. Punk PR is plainly:
  • Focused and intense counsel from most senior people
  • Analysis of existing tactics
  • Actionable plan for new, measurable tactics
  • Learning your constituents’ language and using it in the venues where they are
Traditional PR types are baffled because consumers are no longer passive and building brand recognition — and sales — in a multifaceted, fragmented media market requires new strategies and tactics, much more than pitching a blogger or 3,000. Punk PR is taking smart risks while embracing the 80/20 rule. Punk PR is derived from the 14 Manifesto points from “Punk Marketing.” It is delivered in a format we mutually agree upon (project, plan, implementation, a half-hour consultation) and is all about action. True to the Punk form, we guarantee results (you read that right…it’s guaranteed by RLM). If you think you control your brand, click here. If you’re ready for Punk PR, give us a shout at 212 741 5106 X 233, or