The history of business is littered with the ghosts of companies that have brought great products to market without strong marketing and communications. RLM helps companies learn from these annals to ensure they minimize risk and maximize rewards. Not every company will benefit from a public relations program, and discerning which tactics will be most effective for you can be perplexing. RLM’s Risk-Reward Analysis puts it in context. Elements examined include:

Risk: Insurance

  • Control: Do you risk losing control of your brand or product perception?
  • Definition: Who is your competition and how will PR accurately define you in the marketplace?
  • Reality: Where perception and reality diverge, we examine the risk you face within your communications program.

Reward: Assurance

  • Sales: How will your communications program affect your bottom line?
  • Viral Success: Public relations drives word-of-mouth and permission to buy, which accelerates customer adoption, and as a result, enhances the value of the company. How can you make the most of this?
  • Time: Will PR lubricate your sales pipeline? Generate in-bound enquiries? Drive traffic to your Web site or sales outlets?


Finally, RLM provides you an honest assessment of the communication programs you’re considering to enable you to determine whether your communication budget is being spent effectively. RLM is the only PR agency that will tell you directly whether PR is right for you, or if your dollars would be better spent on advertising or direct marketing activities!