The Need To Procure a Real Spokesman: PR's Struggle With Street Cred

Author: Richard Media May 9, 2009

My Dad once told me the real problem with the world is that everyone thinks they’re right. And he’s right. That’s why everyone can’t be a PR spokesman. If the “wrong” type of person is speaking or one who can’t be bothered to learn the correct way to c…

Defending The Cozy Media Relationship

Author: Richard Media April 24, 2009

Rumblings in places like the WSJ and on popular sites, blogs and push newsletters are sounding the alarms about “comfortable relationships” between media relations pros and the media. As the stories go, PR people and journalists cut deals for acces…

Hope: Universal Motivator

Author: admin Messaging trendSpotting November 5, 2008

Understanding motivation is key in affecting the news, public opinion and, ultimately, change. Often it is important to reflect on precisely what motivates us. This is just what I did over the past month. Having recently graduated from college, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a New York PR pro. I performed day-to-day tasks efficiently […]