Ugly Betty Confidential

Author: Richard Media May 3, 2009
Laermer’s been on a posting spree with some great content. For this I’m equal parts thankful and jealous, but bad pitches continue to sprout like weeds on a new spring lawn. So here’s a dandelion Bob LeDrew, PR blogger at Flacklife, yanked for us.

It’s an all too familiar pitch from Betty Confidential. The site states they’re targeting women ages 18–49. So we’re not sure how Bob’s blog, or my blog, got onto their lists. But they send out a lot of stuff. Some of it might even be considered news for the right audience. Like this weed we will call the “don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back” release.

Ashton Kutcher following @WillShake — Will’s tweets on celebs and current events draw interest from @aplusk

Ashton Kutcher is following @WillShake, a persona for William Shakespeare created last week in honor of The Bard’s birthday by, the fastest growing women’s Web site. Though Kutcher has more than 1.4 million followers on Twitter, he currently follows only about 137, including @WillShake.

“We’re thrilled to have one of the most famous tweeters follow this fun persona we created,” said Myrna Blyth, editor–in–chief, “Our Shakespeare has lot to say about today’s celebrities and society, and we’ve gotten a great reaction from people who want to hear it.”

The release goes on to list some tweets and encourages readers to follow @WillShake on Twitter for a complete list of tweets. Oh and they have very strict usage policies too. We were going to go anonymous on them, but they broke out a CAPS LOCK REQUEST in the fine print.

ATTENTION: MUST be CREDITED and LINKED to when using this piece.

Perhaps our favorite line however, also in the fine print, was one of the last ones: “This is an advertisement for, if you wish to be removed from this list, please click here to unsubscribe.” I have to tell you, it took me a (really) looong time of unsubscribing and complaining for that to actually happen.

News is a Subjective Word
Fine. If Giselle started following me on Twitter my, uh, head would swell (what?). But I wouldn’t try and make news with it. Maybe that’s just me.

But if you are going to suggest this is “kind of a big deal,” you might want to target your send to others that might squeal upon reading the release and not use spam, er, email marketing to get the word out about it. Email marketing is not for PR pitching — at least none of the PR pitches that I’ve seen.