Voice Speaks Up

Handpicked by RLM to be part of their new and fantastic global network, UK-based Voice Communications is a group of expert PR practitioners who offer a no-nonsense approach to communications, stripping away the pretension from PR. The company is located just 35 minutes from the city of London and 25 minutes from London Stansted airport. Award-winning Voice is built on combined skills and experience with genuine passion for PR, and is proud to have created a new breed of PR consultancy, consisting of a small, friendly group of hand-picked, motivated professionals who enjoy the buzz of top flight PR. Voice offers all the expertise and creativity of a big agency, but without the eye-popping fees or tear-inducing expense claims. Voice has found that as communication vehicles have multiplied in recent years, communication itself has become far more personal in its nature. Nichola Cain, Managing Director of Voice Communications explains: “We have seen definite shifts in expectations of PR. Businesses are now looking for that personal touch, and the opportunity to build a close long-term relationship with their agency. Voice is perfectly suited to offer first class results, maximising the best of what any company has to offer.” After over a decade of experience at some of the biggest PR agencies in London, Nichola launched Voice Communications to provide clients with a robust PR strategy and plan that prioritises business objectives, delivers measurable PR results, and ultimately provide ROI. Since inception, Voice has gained a broad and eclectic range of B2B, B2C and public sector clients which includes Accio Group, Anser Project Managers, PepsiCo Naked Juice, Harlow Council, Shaken Udder, Ultimate Boot Camp, Amara, and Searchwells. Voice’s client base is not limited to the UK shores, they recently won Australian client Mediband, based in Sydney. Since then, Mediband has featured in a multitude of publications including The Telegraph, and they have seen sales triple as a direct result of PR. Voice quickly recognised the growth of social media, and set up a dedicated digital department to service existing and prospective clients. Voice also noticed the growth in company’s awareness of their environmental responsibility, and has a department dedicated to this; A Green Voice, which covers everything from producing a company’s CSR policy to working with completely ‘green’ products. From insurance firms and beverage brands to project management companies, Voice’s list of clients showcases their vast capabilities as a PR agency. Voice appeals to companies of all shapes and sizes from one man bands through to multinationals; small enough to deliver that all important personal touch, but big enough to resource and deliver first class results.