In the 1950s and 60s, Gumby—and Pokey, his trusty steed—were TV fixtures as they joyfully lived the adventures every kid dreams of…going to the moon, jumping in and out of books’ fanciful tales, and hanging out with people from far-off lands. Because Gumby was a claymation creation, he had a special knack for getting into, out of, and through adventures. Gumby’s power, however, is much more than flexibility. Gumby is, in fact, the key to success in our modern world. The next time a colleague, friend or Aunt Bertha asks you how you triumph in the face of daily odds, just tell ‘em, “Gumby.” If she runs off looking for the latest gadget code named for our little green hero, let her go. If, on the other hand, she asks you what you mean… Gumby is attitude. Snarky is fashionable, as popular culture lauds Gawker and its cadre of follower blogs that pride themselves on carefully crafted sarcasm and copious cynicism. Gumby, however, is confident, ambitious and willing to get the job done. Gumby is optimistic and means you focus on solutions—not problems. That you call it like it is…and are at the same time willing to understand how others see it. Gumby is action. Lazy is easy. Action is often strenuous and sometimes exhausting, but those who have Gumby know that taking the effortless path rarely gets you where you need to be. Identifying nascent trends, for example, requires vigorous analysis of information from multiple sources, searching beyond your comfort zone. Gumby is results. Ultimately, Gumby is about getting the job done—and done well in a timely fashion—effectively using all the tools available. Gone are the days when tasks came with a “when you can get to it” deadline. If you’re lucky enough to remember the office euphoria when IBM introduced the Correcting Selectric then your head probably spins at the plethora of tools available to modern business folks. These tools can help or hinder, and Gumby is knowing how to use them to deliver real results that measurably impact the bottom line, whatever your department. Gumby learns. In each of his escapades, Gumby learned from those around him. He sought information and explanation, and had fun doing it. Today, we’re bombarded by data from more sources than we can count, and those who embrace Gumby invest the energy to constantly expand their wealth of knowledge. Ultimately, those who have Gumby participate. Not ones to sit idly by and watch from the sidelines, these are the folks who jump in and use their wits and intellect to get the job done. They overcome the most troublesome glitches and find innovative solutions. Gumby isn’t yes-or-no; it’s how and why.