Laermer Globe-Trots and Leads “Punk Marketing” Symposiums All Over the World

From Alaska to Zanzibar, our CEO talks a blue streak around anyone who isn’t listening

CEO Laermer Named to PR Hall of Fame

A proud moment for our company…a major step for mankind Relaunch

RLM PR was behind the astronomical success of the reintroduction of

RLM PR’s Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Goes without saying

RLM PR Opens Los Angeles Offices

The New York Sun writes about a New York guidebook writer (Laermer) decamping his corporate headquarters to Los Angeles

CEO Laermer Featured in NYT Article Immediately Following 9/11

Laermer leveraged for “Native’s Guide to New York” perspective on the Trade Center

Launched Poster Child of the Internet Age

Kozmo paved the way for sites like InstaCart and Postmates. It also raised the most money pre-Internet bust

Client Makes Front Page of NYT

Pampers was the first dot-com to use “.com” in a nationally-aired commercial spot

RLM PR Featured in The New York Times

Hilarious feature on corporate culture

Launch of

The first actual network for SesameWorkshop: one of the biggest launches of the decade