Case Study: Art of Tea


Art of Tea, tea importer that blends and custom crafts the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals, is nothing if not thoughtful, intentional and artful (it’s in the name after all). When they were participating in the Los Angeles Matcha Festival, they needed an activation that truly spoke to their brand values and went beyond the typical.


The focused was on the brand’s intention which is to make the experience of drinking artisan tea more fun and interactive. Keeping this goal in mind, it was important to take the matcha festival “booth” not only beyond a tasting but also beyond a booth. Using a Japanese tea ceremony as inspiration, we were able to combine elements of the floor seated ceremony with a fun and interactive approach. Using the window facing corner placement to our advantage, we created the only seating area within the venue and branded it in a subtle and artful way.


By far the most popular station, the Art of Tea Matcha Festival lounge was a hit onsite and on social media. Guests could rest and enjoy their freshly poured iced matcha while getting cozy and creative. The lovely, clean white boxes that Art of Tea’s matcha comes packaged in provided the perfect blank canvas for attendees to turn into their own art piece. Additionally, they could turn them in and be entered into a giveaway contest. Overall the activation at the festival maximized Art of Tea’s investment and took their participation from merely a presence to multiple levels of engagement with the brand.


Date published

March 29, 2018