Case Study: Spotify x Tayla Park


After being only the second female songwriter to have co-written 3 simultaneous Top 10 hits, Tayla Parx was looking to break out from behind the scene. For the launch of her first album as an artist, a partnership with Secret Genius, Spotify’s initiative to celebrate songwriters, only made sense. They enlisted the help of RLM to create a one-of-a-kind pop-up experience for industry insiders and a select group of fans.


Looking to create a world worthy of such a prolific artist, who has her own “Tayla Made” stamp of approval for anything she creates, was an exciting challenge. Though getting to live in the playfulness of Tayla’s aesthetic while designing this pop-up, there was a need for meticulous attention to detail, to make sure that every element reflected the artist it represented. From the entry moment soaked in multidimensional color and filled with cartoon and live cacti alike to the rainbow grilled cheese and glitter french fries, each decision was made with the intention of immersing guests in Tayla’s universe.


Certified “Tayla Made”, the launch was beyond even what the artist herself could have imagined. RLM was able to provide a space where she felt comfortable enough to bring others into her process, speak to her own inspirations and then take the time to soak in all that she achieved. Being able to give a creative like Tayla the space to not only kick of a new phase of her journey but mark the moment with the celebration it deserved was inspiring to be a part of and why we do what we do.


Date published

March 29, 2018