Case Study: GameCo


GameCo commenced a category, Video Game Gambling Machines (VGM), that revolutionized the casino floor by offering gamblers the opportunity to bet on their video gaming skills. While slot machines and other standard casino entertainment have become stale over the years, GameCo and its trailblazing CEO Blaine Graboyes offered consumers who grew up on video games the chance to hedge their bets on all the fighting and skill game time they clocked in on since they were kids.

When GameCo launched, it was a watershed moment in gaming. But online gaming was capturing mindshare in the industry — a platform GameCo didn’t have — and the company was challenged with reinventing itself or hitting the refresh button to maintain its existence in the ever-shifting gaming industry.


That’s where RLM PR came in. The agency put its brainstorming team to work, and came to the conclusion that if the right partnerships were secured (and hyped), these alliances would create compelling game experiences and attract media and other exposure.

We hit the jackpot for Gameco with a partnership with the musician, producer, DJ, and avid gamer Steve Aoki that RLM PR sourced and brokered on behalf of Gameco.

Aoki and Gameco ultimately developed “Steve Aoki’s Neon Dream,” a new VGM experience. Before, during and after a week-long offsite experience for Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Conference in Las Vegas, “Neon Dream” became one of the most influential games and gaming experiences, generating favorable and extreme traction from gaming sites/columnists/publications and throughout the mainstream media.


From CNBC to Rolling Stone to VentureBeat to the Wall Street Journal, the earned media coverage around GameCo—including discussion about the new vertical and a whole lot of expert commentary and transactional news—placed the company firmly into the gaming conversation. It helped GameCo raise a series B funding round, which allowed the company to become an even greater presence in the marketplace.

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Gaming, Music

Date published

April 4, 2018