RLM PR — the intersection of traditional and unconventional public relations.

We’re a powerhouse New York City PR firm with expertise in creating the opportunities that become news and drive results. We’re focused on speed to media with our non-stop, relentless approach that breaks the conventional agency/client PR routine. We manage the message, so you don’t have to manage us.

“If you don’t know what your PR firm is doing, they’re probably not doing anything.”

— Richard Laermer, RLM PR Founder

Our Approach & Process

Acceleration — Speed to Media

We give it to you straight and we get it done! We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t, with top-shelf service that delivers maximum impact. All programs are customized to meet — and exceed — your goals.



Create the opportunity — research and identify the story angles, creative ideas and developing trends



Deliver the message — through traditional and non-traditional media outreach and by leveraging our cultivated relationships


Proof Point

Capitalize on the buzz — influence the media, identify what’s next, measure the results

Our Success Stories

We are all about measurable, tangible results. See what we’ve done for companies you know.