Case Study: Interxion


A one-stop show for physical and digital infrastructure solutions based throughout Europe, Interxion is a leading business provider that has the bandwidth to scale existing companies to seismic proportions with its technical offerings and influence. It is often overwhelming to comprehend Interxion’s business solutions without properly being guided through those layers. Thus the company’s business was largely based on word-of-mouth and relied on its customer base to do the talking for them. The conglomerate came to RLM PR in 2016 to develop a strategy that would attract U.S. companies to use its services, particularly those who had their sights set on expanding in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. The campaign was called Gateway To Europe.


With the goal of reaching those American enterprises in a way that conveyed reliability and accessibility, RLM PR worked on positioning Interxion (INXN) as a one-stop shop with the credibility of scaling businesses from country to country for a quarter century.

Early on, the agency posed a question to itself: how do we bring the stories of international data centers to the media? The answer was to create an infographic that highlighted each data center’s “personality” and the impact they made on their city. Interxion’s Stockholm center, for example, uses sea water to cool its facility and repurposes the excess heat to warm the town, thus demonstrating its environmental sustainability.

The infographic also conveyed how these data centers communicated with each other, and with Interxion’s clients. The company’s 360 degrees of resourcefulness lead to RLM PR opening doors with the tech press.

RLM PR focused on Interxion’s knowledge prowess that, no matter how many miles of cables it was capable of putting under the world’s seabeds, would be nonexistent if it wasn’t for the company’s deep understanding of governmental and regulatory parameters, policy and politics. RLM PR developed a custom news engine to pivot Interxion to developing stories in the news cycle, including topics like GDPR, sustainability and the Paris Accord.

The great news was that RLM PR possessed terrific spokespeople who were able and ready to discuss these topics at length (and articulately, with new talking points created by RLM PR). Major media was very happy to feature them.

In addition, RLM PR highlighted several strategically-crucial markets–Stockholm, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Dublin—and created opportunities for U.S.-based trade magazines to visit the data centers, film the thought leaders, and repurpose content co-created by RLM PR. That was in addition to several well-placed interviews with INXN leaders in each of those cities.


As a result, RLM PR was in the fortunate position to never rehash an Interxion pitch with its targeted media outlets; Reporters and editors recognized the magnitude of Interxion by the breadth of hyper-specific story angles used by its GTE agency. RLM PR was successful in getting Interxion to talk out of the box, to lose its jargon-heavy content, and go above and beyond a one-dimensional profile of the company. Since RLM PR has effectively taken the role of in-house communications counsel for Interxion, the firm has enjoyed a considerable uptick in demand generation and international sales.

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Date published

April 3, 2018