Case Study: #paid


Yep, #Paid could be the title of a hip hop superstar’s quintessential anthem—yet for us it’s the quintessential connector between savvy social media creators and the world’s biggest brands like Ikea, Coca-Cola, airBNB, and Universal. RLM PR was tasked with taking one of the industry’s most coveted influencer marketing platforms and bringing it to critical mass — while taking risks along the way.

#Paid had been operating in Canada for years before the organization gave media relations a big push, as they opened offices in New York (2017). Until then, their efforts were fixated on vetting 12,000+ influencers and connecting them to brands through a proprietary matching algorithm. RLM PR developed a ballsy, transparent campaign strategy that would seem to give all of #paid’s secrets away — only to instead become more appreciated by industry decision-makers.


RLM PR initiated its campaign for #paid by building an argument (using a mix of content and interviews) on why sponsored posts by celebrities and paid spokespersons were losing ground from consumers. In fact, as a #Paid-sponsored Nielsen study would prove, influencer posts consistently drive more engagement, consideration, and purchase intent than celebrities when major budgets were factored. This “taking the gauze off” effect exposed the realities of social media engagement — another example of how RLM PR educated media on a topic that wasn’t fully comprehended.

Integral to its campaign, RLM PR also shed light on how an association of a small handful of paid spokespersons who get into trouble could rain trouble down on a brand, whereas less visible content creators need only to focus on setting the right tone for a brand without distraction.


The agency took the next step of transitioning the #Paid message from a business-to-business initiative into a consumer-facing campaign. RLM PR utilized #Paid’s CSO, Adam Rivietz, to be the face of demystifying what it took to be a social media influencer.

By giving consumers tips on being their own influencer, thought leadership and expert commentary coverage for Rivietz ranged from Wired to Adweek to Buzzfeed.

RLM PR’s robust campaign was successful in resonating with young entrepreneurs and advertising and marketing executives. At #Paid’s request, the agency took this mission from the New York market and spread across the country to various trade, marcomms, and business media. In addition to securing earned media coverage, the CSO and its Marketing Director, Richard Wong, were featured in trade magazines countrywide. And RLM PR has expanded its campaign for #Paid to include profile and expert commentary coverage for and by select influencers, such as media personality Torri Webster and actor/comedian WeeklyChris.

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Date published

April 12, 2018