The Problem With Being a Startup

Author: Richard Advice for clients July 24, 2015

Your client thinks his startup is the greatest thing on earth. Your client is wrong.  But who really cares? When it comes to “getting press” a startup chief has to be ready to take on all comers. That’s part of the problem with being a startup. The founders think it’s the best bread since sliced–and have the […]

Ode to October

Author: Erin Marketing Media October 5, 2010

Here we are, in the one of two months where we are actually supposed to work. Funny, right?

Twitter Civics 101: What It Is & Why You Should Care

The most common question we hear from clients these days is, “How can we maximize Twitter?”

I’m Not Voting for You So Don’t Vote for Me

Author: Erin Media

There’s a new bad pitch that’s taken over the Interwebs. It’s called “Vote for Me.”

Katrina + BP = Need: You Can Make a Difference

Author: admin Media trendSpotting August 19, 2010

Empathy may be a result of feeling like your actions won’t mean anything. But with citizengulf, the smallest action, attending a meet-up, a small donation or even voting in a Pepsi Refresh contest impacts the families affected by the oil spill.

National Day of Action: August 25

Author: Erin Marketing

On August 25, events are planned in cities around the country to benefit families devastated by the BP oil disaster and Hurricane Katrina.

Making Lemonade in New York

Author: Erin Marketing Media

On August 25, 2010, RLM CEO Richard Laermer and Geoff Livingston will be co-hosting a benefit dedicated to educating the children of fishing families so they can find a new way of life.

Adapt or Die: RLM Goes Global

Author: Erin Advice for clients Media Products trendSpotting July 16, 2010

As RLM approaches our 20th birthday—in March, so send cards—we have gained lessons that have brought us through many hard times

Voice Speaks Up

Handpicked by RLM to be part of their new and fantastic global network, UK based Voice Communications is a group of expert PR practitioners who offer a no-nonsense approach to communications, stripping away the pretension from PR.

Some Things Are the Same All Over

RLM’s Australian partner, CP Communications, has a blog that is, frankly, one of the most useful we’ve ever seen—and we’ve seen a lot of them! Catriona Pollard takes a no-nonsense approach to communications that applies as much in Sarasota as it does in her home town of Sydney. Excerpts from the blog are below, but […]