Launch of Magazine

Nerve was featured in every newspaper and magazine and TV show because it was the first “literate smut” on the Internet

Launch of

RLM PR begins a history of launching major sites for major corporations. This was the first TV-to-Internet play

The New York Times Feature on Laermer Book

First major push for New York City guidebook

Launch of SonicNet

Biggest party of the year—middle of summer—best time for rock and roll to get its due

Reporters Luncheon: “Different Revenue Streams of the Internet”

We host 25 major tech and advertising/marketing reporters in a discussion about how the Net works

First “Bulletin Board System” (BBS) Client (Pre-Internet)

Since nobody else takes this technology seriously, RLM PR gets calls from everyone. The beginning of yet another watershed moment for our company

First Technically Tech Client Lumatec (makers of flat flashlight)

Instrumental in shaping the direction of our firm for years, this was the beginning of what has become a 26-year success story of launching the most nascent tech companies out there

Firm Founded March 1, 1991

RLM PR founder & CEO Laermer leaves position as PR Director at Columbia Business School