Case Study: Fund Her


Fund Her, a Political Action Committee dedicated to achieving gender parity in California politics, needed to create an LA Launch event that both communicated the important message of the organization but captured attendees attention and set Fund Her apart from other causes worthy of their donations. RLM was brought in to take on both a branded activation and overall brand integration for the event.


Taking a different approach than the SF launch which was more tech-heavy, RLM’s event team sought to appeal to the creative, entertainment-focused crowd of donors in Los Angeles. When thinking of ways to incorporate the brand, we went in the direction of not only finding branded pieces that guests would be happy to take home but that also fundamentally spoke to the mission of Fund Her. With an interactive photo station, guests could share their own message of why they were excited to support an organization like Fund Her. The popular Celfie vases not only spoke to the core message of female empowerment but provided the perfect tie in for a memorable, reusable branded gift.


Replacing the traditional step and repeat with an interactive photo station both gave attendees a break from the expected and created an opportunity for Fund Her’s mission to be amplified with organic engagement across multiple social media platforms.


Date published

March 29, 2018