Case Study: Wildflower Brands


Wildflower Brands is an integrated luxury wellness CPG with a focus on organic, plant-based products infused with CBD. Its products seek to create a range of positive lifestyle outcomes centered around recovery from inflammation, stress reduction, and relief from anxiety.

Consumer Need (Editorial and Influencer/Affiliate):

At the time of engagement, Wildflower had created some of the best known (and best-in-class) products of its ilk—both in terms of packaging/presentation and outcomes/consumer satisfaction–and the firm wanted to make it internationally known, instead of just enjoying the brand recognition it had achieved in select U.S. West Coast and Canadian markets.

In order to do this, RLM would deploy an international consumer push for the entire product line—balms, tinctures, roll-ons and more. Success for the consumer endeavors would mean securing considerable top-tier attention with mainstream Beauty/Wellness/Lifestyle/Health outlets. It would also mean designing and expertly launching an affiliate program, as well as capturing and partnering with select influencers on content creation and editorial reviews.

B2B Need:

RLM was also tasked with procuring major Brand and Business (b2b) coverage with target top tier publications for multiple senior leaders with expertise in capital markets and scaling CPG. Spokespersons included the firm’s CEO, an expert in capital markets/financials; and the firms product design lead, a female entrepreneur with vast expertise in launching CPG in multiple industries.

Investor Relations Program:

The final pillar of RLM’s integrated services for Wildflower found our firm running point for Wildflower’s greater internal Investor Relations team. Simply put, Wildflower needed RLM to sit atop several vendors/entities and streamline the workflow of these parties into one cohesive product/message for media, investors, and analysts.


RLM created multiple consumer campaigns for editorial targets that stressed quality, excellence and leaned fully into the existing pedigree of the luxury feel of brand to-date. Angles focused on “the best premium organic inputs available on planet earth”, targeted at major wellness publications and their consumers audiences who were happy to pay for quality.

RLM earned many strong consumer and business stories around the top of the line package design, and Wildflower’s unique blend of CBD Ayurveda-style remedies. These points were teased out with product pushes to mainstream media at scale, as well as the global community of high-octane influencers, via a custom Affiliate program designed and managed by RLM Digital.

Concurrently with the consumer push, RLM also positioned Wildflower’s CEO, William MacLean, as a go-to expert in the cannabis industry. Leveraging his deep market-defining trend intelligence, RLM placed William in a multitude of heavyweight publications such as the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Chief Executive, Investors Business Daily, Fast Company, and more.

RLM was able to garner MacLean a reputation as an essential spokesperson during the so-called “vape crisis”. While other companies were floundering, Maclean and his team were busy doing damage control for their entire industry—teaching others what real thought leadership is like.

RLM also happily took advantage of Maclean’s ability to predict market trends such as future extinction events for small-cap firms not focused on the right business practices.


RLM secured major coverage for Wildflower in over 45 publications such as Allure, Boston Globe, Forbes, PopSugar, Bustle, Cosmo, Chief Executive, Fast Company and more, resulting in over 130 million views of Wildflower items now on sale.

Our fully-integrated campaign helped to increase both sales and awareness during the 2019 holiday season, as well as sustainability increase sales on an overall basis. It also helped to solidify Wildflower’s place as a first-class health and wellness brand worthy of everyone’s regular routine.

Finally, our seamless synthesis of messages for multiple investor audiences helped Wildflower raise money much more effectively and ensured for a long time to come that their investors were up to speed on everything they’d ever want to know.



Consumer, Earned Media

Date published

May 5, 2020